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Welcome to Team Confuzion (cFzN)! We are a clan that is run by a strong democracy amongst its admins. We currently support Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops. We are currently looking for leaders and new members to help with clan growth.
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I am looking for new recruits to finish out Modern Warfare 2 and Continue to Black Ops. If you know someone PM me, andyg223.
Gamebattles teams are up and running. PM me, andyg223 for information on joining. We have 3 teams, one hardcore.
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 Best Shotgun

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PostSubject: Best Shotgun   Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:07 am

Hello All,

I wanted to start a thread to get comments, feedback, and suggestions on the various shotguns, go over PROS and CONS, and just say what you feel. Maybe the FMJ on the M1014 is just really cool because of the sound it makes, whatever you want to say about shotguns, do it! It's all good! Just don't start flaming.

I think the M1014 is the best shotgun in the game. With grip it is a deadly serious killing machine. With Stopping Power, the M1014 becomes a very mean gun, it's a slow hunter that will always find you and get you. With FMJ it is a shock and awe gun with serious killstreak ability and penetration for extra meanness. Anyone caught hiding behind any sort of "thin cover" such as a desk or a sheet metal wall stands no chance with M1014 + FMJ. The M1014 with Extended Mags (increases from 4 to 6 bullets) is one of the best attachments (need 400 Kills to get it) but it comes at the expense of the Grip or FMJ, unless you use Bling, and I always use Sleight of Hand Pro (and highly recommend it for anyone who wants to use a shotgun). What do you think is more worth using, Grip? Or Extended Mags?
Also, the M1014 reloads every buckshot round individually, meaning you can reload 1/4, mid-way or, 3/4 of the way through and still cancel reloading to pop a shot off, which has saved me (and annoyed people) many times! With SoH Pro you can barely see the reload animation on the M1014 because it's so extremely fast.

Shotgun list:
Spas-12 unlocked by default
AA-12 unlocked at level 18
Striker unlocked at level 34 -->Has anyone used this gun? How is it? What are good attachments? Good perks for this?
Ranger unlocked at level 42
Benelli M1014 unlocked at level 54
Model 1887 unlocked at level 67

I look forward to some replies! This should be a good topic.

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PostSubject: Re: Best Shotgun   Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:34 am

Spas is decent but the costant pumping makes it bad but upside it has rediculous range and still deadly for a shotgun. Aa 12 runs out of ammo REALLY fast and thats it downfall but with scavenger pro its not bad for destroying CLOSE range but i believe it can handle only 2 enemies before you have to reload.

Striker is good until u have to reload the huge clip and its not very powerful so fmj is a must in my opinion

Ranger is great for runner class and u must have akimbo or SoH or the reloading will get u killed.

The m1014 is the greatest shotgun ever in my opinion just like andy explained. U just cant beat something that shoots that far and strong and fast who cares about small capacity when it takes one shot from across the room which equals 4 kills lol.

The model 1887 is a good overall gun with no real pros or cons cause its just good for everything but has nothing special except maybe the large capacity with akimbo and runner class
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Best Shotgun
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