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Welcome to Team Confuzion (cFzN)! We are a clan that is run by a strong democracy amongst its admins. We currently support Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops. We are currently looking for leaders and new members to help with clan growth.
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I am looking for new recruits to finish out Modern Warfare 2 and Continue to Black Ops. If you know someone PM me, andyg223.
Gamebattles teams are up and running. PM me, andyg223 for information on joining. We have 3 teams, one hardcore.
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 New Black Ops Multiplayer Video: "Wager" Game Mode

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PostSubject: New Black Ops Multiplayer Video: "Wager" Game Mode   Fri Sep 03, 2010 2:48 pm

Hey All,

Here is a cool new Black Ops Multiplayer video showing the "Wager" Game Mode:

Post any Black Ops stuff here, news, media, etc.

I also heard kills from killstreaks won't affect your score, there will be Bots to play with offline to simulate multiplayer and that you will need to get a certain amount of experience in this offline mode before you are allowed to play Multiplayer online. Anyone who played "America's Army" will understand how this works, and if Treyarch makes the challenges hard enough, then it is actually training that really helps you when you get to play online. America's Army, the last training was Special Operation where you had to lay around in the artic and not be seen by guard towers with huge spotlights, and at the same time not be heard, and make it across like the entire map. It was soooo hard to finish the training, but once you did you felt you had earned "the right" to play online.

Also, the create a class system is different; Create-A-Class 2.0 will allow players to customize their appearance in addition to their loadout. If you remember the Rainbow 6 Online games, you could add a patch to your players arm or helmet or whatever, I guess you will be able to do that, and be able to even make your own callsign/title. In-game currency will be used to purchase weapons and upgrades - weird, huh? Players can now record, manage, edit and upload in-game video clips. Shotguns and Machine Pistols as secondary weapons are not expected to return, as Treyarch stated in an interview that they give the player "too much firepower.".


* Care Package - The player designates a drop zone for supplies
* RC Bomb - The player steers a remote-controlled car with a bomb attached
* Napalm Strike - A large Napalm bomb is dropped
* Attack Helicopter - The player calls in a friendly helicopter to the battlefield
* Archangel - The player pilots a remote-controlled missile
* Unknown Killstreak: An unknown type of Helicopter is called in
* Unknown Killstreak: An unknown airstrike (possibly an F4 Phantom or a prototype Harrier)

These are the only confirmed killstreaks, and some of them don't sound too cool, except for Napalm Strike - that sounds awesome. Oh, there's also dismemberment being added to the game (like W@W, or Soldier of Fortune if you can remember the first one).

Confirmed Weapons:
Assault Rifles:
* AK-47 - yay!
* Commando - really cool version of M16, called the CAR-15
* AUG - I guess this was when the AUG was a prototype, and only used the puny 9x19mm parabellum round (same bullet the Luger pistol uses, which is weak=fail)
* G11 - Sweet! This one should have EXTREMELY fast Rate of Fire Probably the new TAR-21 or something ; experimental gun with 5.7mm caseless ammunition. If you played Jagged Alliance 2 then you used this gun.
* M16A1
* Galil - Sweet!

Submachine Guns:
* MP5K
* MAC10
* AK-74u -
awesome!!!! SMG version of the AK-47; used by Russian paratroopers I believe

Light Machine Guns:

Sniper Rifles:
* Arctic Warfare
* Dragunov

* Crossbow

* KS-23

* M1911
* Python
* Makarov - James Bond?

* M202 "Grim Reaper" Rocket Launcher
* RPG-7
* China Lake pump-action grenade launcher

* Swarovski Scope
* Suppressor
* Grenade Launcher
* Red Dot Sight
* Snub Nose
* Flashlight

Alternate Ammo Types:
* Dragon's Breath (for shotgun, like shooting a flamethrower; all the pellets are incendiary)
* Explosive Bolts (for Crossbow)

* M67
* Smoke Grenade
* Semtex

* Knife
* C4
* Flamethrower
* Ballistic Knife
* Camera Spike (watch your kills in replay, replay management, etc)
* M60
* Tomahawk

I also heard there will be a chain gun, which is a killstreak. Sounds pathetic to me - what do you think? I mean why would you want a new firearm as a killstreak?

Let me know what everyone thinks. By the way, there is most likely not going to be a Beta testing opportunity for the PS3, it will likely be only for the XBOX360 and PC.

Let me know what you all think!


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New Black Ops Multiplayer Video: "Wager" Game Mode
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