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Team Confuzion

Welcome to Team Confuzion (cFzN)! We are a clan that is run by a strong democracy amongst its admins. We currently support Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops. We are currently looking for leaders and new members to help with clan growth.
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I am looking for new recruits to finish out Modern Warfare 2 and Continue to Black Ops. If you know someone PM me, andyg223.
Gamebattles teams are up and running. PM me, andyg223 for information on joining. We have 3 teams, one hardcore.
For anyone wanting to donate to the site for its URL please go to

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 Black Ops tryout

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PostSubject: Black Ops tryout   Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:05 pm

Hey whats up my name is Frankie G and i would like to tryout for your black ops team.
Lets me start off by saying I'm very loyal and wouldn't leave the clan for some stupid reason or any reason what so ever.
I am a very friendly guy and i don't start fights. Especially if I'm in a clan, we should all act like family and work together.
I am active on PSN unless i have to work or personal business etc
I'm hoping to hear from someone later and if you need it hear is my PSN and email..



Thanks for your time Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Black Ops tryout   Wed Nov 17, 2010 1:17 pm

Everyone, please welcome xSLayxDAxSLaYeRx to Team Confuzion!

Frankie will be starting team initiation. Initiation is 1 week long, and Frankie, you need to play with a senior member during that time in order to become a "recruit". Once you have passed the recruit stage, we'll add you to our Black Ops gaming group.

Look at the "PSN List" sticky post on this web page to find the PSN's of other clan members; add them to your friend list, and start playing with them.

What's funny here is you seem to have forgotten that you were formerly part of Team Confuzion, at least the same name you have was. Anyways, welcome back, and we look forward to starting your Black Ops Team Confuzion initiation.

Our Clan Tag is "cFzN" so add that to your playercard ASAP, and start fragging with us!

Anyone want to volunteer to play with Frankie through his 1 week initiation?


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Black Ops tryout
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